'Ian Simpson is a real find...' - ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH

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A serial killer is targeting London literary

agents... Led by the old-fashioned and

slobbish ‘Inspector No’ and aided by crime

author Lavinia Lenehan, DS Flick Fortune and

DC Bagawath Chandavarkar (‘Baggo’) narrow down

their suspects, all entrants in the Debut Dagger crime

writing competition.


As the detectives work through their bizarre list of wannabe authors, literary agents continue to meet grisly ends. Sinister Russians and a Polish prostitute muddy the waters. As Baggo, who has fallen for one of the suspects, is left behind in London, he makes progress on his own. The other characters have gathered at a writers’ retreat in Pitlochry. The body count continues to rise as the story reaches its climax at an historic beauty spot, The Soldier’s Leap...




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“Ian Simpson is a real find. Murder on Page One is a beautifully crafted, gripping piece of crime fiction that holds the attention from page one (where the crime is actually committed) until the very end. This book will certainly be welcomed by the very many readers who enjoy the twists and turns of a first-class plot.”


Alexander McCall Smith, author


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