'Ian Simpson is a real find...' - ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH

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“Ian Simpson is a real find” Alexander McCall



Farquhar Knox QC heard a creak to his right

and swung round, prepared to bully an intruder

into going away. But the blustering tirade died on his lips as the sharp point of an arrow pierced his dinner shirt, entered his torso below the ribs and was pushed up until it penetrated his heart. A few gurgles were the last sounds Farquhar Knox made. His own day of judgement had arrived.


When a leading QC is found dead after a function at the law courts in Edinburgh, rumour has it that he had been having an affair with the wife of a senior police officer. Detective Inspector Flick Fortune and Detective Sergeant Bagawath Chandavarkar (Baggo) encounter hazy memories, awkward lawyers and a fervent religious group. Their efforts are derided in the press by ex-Inspector No. In the background, a multi-million pound fraud trial reaches its conclusion as unorthodox methods are needed to reach the truth...


Ian Simpson is inspired by a number of authors, including PGWodehouse, John Mortimer and William Boyd. His writing style is comparable to Christopher Brookmyre. Murder in Court Three is the gripping follow-up to Ian’s first novels, Murder on Page One and Murder on the Second Tee, both of which have attracted national and local media coverage and glowing customer reviews.




'Fabulously readable' --AustCrimeFiction


'A terrific story of derring do' -- Journal of the Law

Society of Scotland


'A very well-written mystery with several sub-plots and

lots of red herrings' -- The Book's the Thing


'An enjoyable afternoon read' -- Hidden Staircase


'A splendid mystery' -- A Greener World


'We await the fourth title of this engaging series with

avid interest' --University of Edinburgh Journal


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