'Ian Simpson is a real find...' - ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH

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Welcome to the website of Debut Dagger nominated Ian Simpson, author of Murder On Page One, Murder on the Second Tee, Murder in Court Three and Murder in the Fourth Round.  Ian Simpson is inspired by a number of authors, including PG Wodehouse, John Mortimer and William Boyd. His writing style is comparable to Christopher Brookmyre.


'Murder on the Second Tee is a pacey whodunit, laced with the humour that drew glowing reviews for Ian’s first novel, Murder on Page One.'






The first blow took Hugh Parsley by surprise. It fractured his right temporal bone and tore the middle meningeal artery. He stumbled and fell face down on the grass. A blow to the back of his neck cracked the occipital bone at the base of his skull. He was struck several times about the left temporal area. His brain, penetrated by bony fragments and squeezed by bleeding within the skull, ceased to function. Hugh Parsley was dead.



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